Dépôt Rive-Nord Green Natural Gas Facility

Depot rive nord GNG
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Green natural gas source

The Dépôt Rive-Nord is a landfill biogas project located near Montreal, Quebec. Comprising nearly 400 landfill gas wells and 7 kilometres of underground collection pipe, the project accepts organic waste from approximately 500,000 Quebec residents in more than 75 municipalities. It’s one of the first biomethane projects in Canada!

About our sources

We source our green electricity, green natural gas, and green fuel from generators and producers that meet or exceed the strictest environmental standards. By supporting these renewable sources, our community is advancing the green energy transition and building a cleaner, greener world for us all.

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Explore other sources:

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Courbe-du-Sault Hydro

The Courbe-du-Sault Hydro Power Plant is a 25 MW low-impact hydro facility in Rivière-au-Tonnerre, Quebec. This facility harnesses the power of the Sheldrake river, located in the Cote-Nord region of Quebec.

Wind turbine at Oldman River Wind Project

Oldman River Wind Project

The Oldman River Wind Project produces more than 10,000 MWh of green electricity annually — enough energy to power about 1,400 homes!


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