Energy efficiency services

Saving energy pays off

Our energy efficiency services help commercial and industrial facilities save time and money. We’ll assess your facility and create a custom energy efficiency action plan that includes high-impact efficiency recommendations—most of which will pay for themselves in two years or less.

We’ll also provide a fixed, no-obligation quote for our parent company, Spark Power, to perform the upgrades. If you decide to move forward, we’ll make things easy for you with incentive application support, quick implementation, and end-to-end service.

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Save money

You’ll see return on your investment in two years or less for most of our efficiency recommendations.

Save time

We’ll take care of everything from assessment through to installation, testing, and commissioning.

Save carbon

By reducing your energy consumption, you’ll shrink your carbon footprint and get closer to your sustainability goals.

Why partner with us?

Bullfrog Power has a decade of experience working in energy efficiency and conservation programs, and Spark Power brings more than 40 years of experience providing low voltage electrical contracting. Together, we’ll identify the most impactful energy efficiency measures for your organization and ensure that implementation is hassle free.

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Energy efficiency services

Save money, save time, save carbon

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Your facility could save 8-12% on electricity costs.

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