Batteries being installed in an electric vehicle

NanoTerraTech: creating critical minerals locally and sustainably

This startup is transforming wood waste into biographite, the second most valuable carbon-based commodity and an essential EV component.
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Maskwacis solar array installation with group of trainees

Bringing solar and wind power to Maskwacis

Looking back on a community project that brought green energy and new skills to the Maskwacis community.
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A map of Canada showing the businesses mentioned in this blog post

How Canadian-owned brands strengthen our communities and care for our environment

We asked some of our fellow Canadian-owned brands to share how they promote sustainability and strengthen community ties.
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Considering a heat pump? We answer the 7 most common questions

Heat pumps are a green and cost-effective way to heat and cool your home. Find out if they’re right for you in this post.
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Three models wearing Cheekbone Beauty makeup, bright clothing, and butterfly accessories.

Celebrating Indigenous History Month with Cheekbone Beauty

Cheekbone Beauty encourages you to honour and reflect on Indigenous history by listening, learning, and amplifying Indigenous voices.
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Sustainably sourced beef tacos from Goodfood

Goodfood, good for the planet

Find out how Goodfood is challenging the traditional food supply chain, helping Canadians reconnect with their food, and healing the earth.
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Novion CEO Refayet Siam in front of a green infrastructure background

Novion: preparing our cities for a green future

Novion is helping cities manage their green infrastructure assets with data, sensor technologies, and business intelligence.
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Photo of Solve4x co-founder and CEO Rekha Sharma

Solv4x: preparing for the electric future

Solv4x is helping electric vehicle fleets charge without overburdening our energy systems – which is good for the planet and the bottom line.
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Take that back! How businesses are taking responsibility for hard-to-recycle products

To celebrate Global Recycling Day on March 18th, we asked bullfrogpowered businesses how they are tackling hard-to-recycle products.
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After launching our power purchase agreement solutions, we’ve signed one ourselves! This PPA will bring 2 solar farms to Alberta.
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