Circular economy reusable food containers

Circular economy entrepreneurs are closing the loop on waste

From reusable takeout containers to recycling wind turbine blades, entrepreneurs are finding opportunity in circular business models.
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Startups supporting large organizations' net zero goals

Cleantech startups are racing to solve our biggest net-zero problems

Two thirds of companies haven’t set climate goals, and many others are missing their targets. Can startups help them reach net zero?
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What are power purchase agreements

Power purchase agreements explained

Learn what power purchase agreements are and how they can help your business reach its sustainability goals.
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robot with snow plow

How a Hamilton youth is clearing the way for his community’s most vulnerable residents

Road salt keeps sidewalks safe, but it can also damage surrounding ecosystems. See how Yuxiang Guan is tackling this issue in his community.
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wind turbines helping to achieve net zero targets

Net zero explained

Is carbon neutral the same at net zero? How do you know if a net-zero target is robust? We answer these questions and more.
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The Rattlesnake Ridge Wind Power project is currently under construction

Bullfrog Power signs renewable energy power purchase agreement alongside Shopify and RBC

Bullfrog Power signed a power purchase agreement alongside RBC and Shopify to directly support construction of the Rattlesnake Ridge Wind Project.
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B Corps improve sustainability like this river in its natural landscape

Reduce, replace, and balance: a framework for your sustainability decisions

This tried-and-true sustainability framework can help any organization evaluate the latest environmental fad.   
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Photo of Myra Arshad and team, part of ALT TEX venture

ALT TEX: turning food waste into textiles

See why Myra Arshad left her corporate career to found ALT TEX, a venture turning food waste into biodegradable, carbon-neutral textiles.
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Photo of Mandy Huynh and team, a youth led sustainable project called Invasive Plants be Gone

How North York youth are fighting invasive species

Mandy Huynh, founder of Invasive Plants Be Gone, is educating her community about invasive plants in North York and empowering youth to limit their spread. Bullfrog Power sponsored a prize for Mandy’s project through Youth Challenge International.
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