Jazz Cabbage: reengineering the cannabis industry

When a group of engineers decided to start a cannabis business, their focus naturally turned to efficiency. By combing the best of what nature and technology have to offer, they aim to grow a superior product while using less energy, water, and soil.
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What climate change looks like through the photographer’s lens

Open-pit mines in Australia. Nickel tailings in Sudbury, Ontario. Vast marble quarries in Carrara, Italy. The Three Gorges Dam project in China. Pivot-irrigation systems across the Texas Panhandle. These are the scars of modern human life on the Earth. This is the wake of our progress.     Luminato Festival Toronto has unveiled Edward Burtynsky’s Encountering…
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solar panels to be recycled one day

Sunset Renewables: creating a circular economy for solar panels

Renewable technologies like solar panels, wind turbines, and battery storage are essential to addressing the climate crisis. But like every product, they’ll produce waste at the end of their life if there isn’t a plan to recycle or reuse their parts. Dan Carrocci, President of Sunset Renewables, is the person making that plan. Sunset Renewables…
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Sustainability Snapshot: The Food Chain Supply Chain

Consumers are increasingly looking to eat more sustainably, and it’s important to reduce the environmental impact of all aspects of the supply chain. Food shortages due to COVID-19 were a wake-up call for many, and people are paying increased attention to the impacts that supply chains have on their lives and the environment. The food…
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Sanagan’s Meat Locker: going green for the community

Peter Sanagan believes that businesses of all sizes have a responsibility to their customers: to approach decisions with the environment in mind.
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Can renewable energy co-ops end NIMBYism?

It takes more that a crane and a construction crew to erect a wind turbine—successfully installing a renewable energy project takes both political and community support. See how co-ops are helping communities embrace and benefit from green energy.
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REC turbines yellow field

Renewable energy certificates explained

Not all renewable energy certificates are created equal. Learn how they work and how to source quality RECs for your business or home. 
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JP Wiser's distillery

A sustainable spirit: how Hiram Walker is greening their distillery processes

Hiram Walker & Sons Limited, one of Bullfrog’s newest commercial customers, is the largest “grain to glass” operation in Ontario, and serves as a centre for innovation, distilling and new product development. With 37 fermenters that produce vodka, rum, Canadian whisky, and more, they have the largest distillery capacity in North America! But how does the…
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David Betke’s perspective on saving our environment

The bullfrogpowered community is made up of a diverse group of organizations that care about the environment. We’re highlighting one organization that’s making a difference in the events world: Do Better Marketing. A Bullfrog customer since 2008, Do Better Marketing and its founder David Betke have a long history of environmental innovation. Below is a guest post from David, highlighting why he’s passionate about the…
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Businesses are key to the renewable energy transition

75% of Canadians feel companies should be doing more to address climate change. That’s a challenge the business community can’t afford to ignore. By choosing green energy,…
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Energy efficiency services – a new way to cut costs and carbon

We are excited to introduce energy efficiency services, a new offering from Bullfrog and Spark Power, our parent company. This service provides customers with a way…
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What to know before signing a power purchase agreement

Power purchase agreements (PPAs) are a bold, business-led strategy for reducing corporate emissions. These deals provide energy cost security, potential cost savings, and a tangible link to a…
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Bullfrog signs a power purchase agreement to support the construction of Canada’s eighth largest solar project!

After launching our power purchase agreement solutions, we’ve signed one ourselves! This PPA will bring 2 solar farms to Alberta.
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