Community projects

Clean, renewable power for everyone

Activists and organizers across the country are working to transition their communities away from fossil fuels. We created our community-based green energy projects grant to provide critical funding for these local efforts. 

All bullfrogpowered customers help fund these small-scale, community-led projects, including solar panels on schools and in Indigenous communities, education and training programs, and a cleantech accelerator. 

Meet some of our grant recipients here.

Community project solar

Watch a community project come to life

See how support from the bullfrogpowered community transformed an orca research station.

Explore community projects from coast to coast

The people behind the projects 

We celebrate people who create currents of change in their communities. See how our grant recipients are transforming the energy landscape and inspiring the people around them. 

Gabriola solar

Judith Roux

“Taking action for the planet—keeping our waters clean, our forests green, our air breathable—is the only action on the table.”
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Nelson solar garden

Kim Horrocks (and others!)

“I especially hope that the younger generation sees that when everyone gets together for the environment, change can happen.”
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Les Quinton

Les Quinton

“I’m trying to make changes in my life that will ensure my grandchildren can enjoy life as I have.”
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Community project news

robot with snow plow

How a Hamilton youth is clearing the way for his community’s most vulnerable residents

Road salt keeps sidewalks safe, but it can also damage surrounding ecosystems. See how Yuxiang Guan is tackling this issue in his community.
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ALT TEX: turning food waste into textiles

See why Myra Arshad left her corporate career to found ALT TEX, a venture turning food waste into biodegradable, carbon-neutral textiles.
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How North York youth are fighting invasive species

Mandy Huynh, founder of Invasive Plants Be Gone, is educating her community about invasive plants in North York and empowering youth to limit their spread. Bullfrog Power sponsored a prize for Mandy’s project through Youth Challenge International.
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solar panels to be recycled one day

Sunset Renewables: creating a circular economy for solar panels

Renewable technologies like solar panels, wind turbines, and battery storage are essential to addressing the climate crisis. But like every product, they’ll produce waste at the end of their life…
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