Green champions

There’s power in numbers 

Thousands of people bullfrogpower their homes with green electricity, green natural gas, or both. Together, these green champions are shrinking their carbon footprints, transitioning our energy systems to clean sources, and showing others that the future is renewable. 

Green Champion, photo of Anne Murray, a Bullfrog Power customer

Anne Murray

“I believe that climate change is a real challenge and that it is incumbent upon us to do whatever we can to reduce our impact on the environment and help create a cleaner world for future generations.”
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Green Champion, photo of David Peacock, a Bullfrog Power customer

David Peacock

“We need to make a difference. We need to prepare as best as we can‚ÄĒfor ourselves, the planet and future generations.¬†”
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Green Champion, photo of Edward Burtynsky, a Bullfrog Power customer

Edward Burtynsky

“I realized that I could make a difference by showing how we are changing the landscapes in places we never see, places that are outside our normal range of perception.”
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Green Champion, photo of Frank Horvat, a Bullfrog Power customer

Frank Horvat 

‚ÄúMusic is so many things for me,‚ÄĚ says the Ottawa-born musician and composer. ‚ÄúAmong them is the ability to bring social awareness to important issues.‚ÄĚ
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Green Champion, photo of Kevin McLaughlin, a Bullfrog Power customer

Kevin McLaughlin

Kevin McLaughlin is CEO and founder of Zygg, North America’s first ebike-as-a-subscription service. Electric bikes are going to play a key role in getting people, goods and services moving more sustainably.
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Green Champion, photo of Kristina Groves, a Bullfrog Power customers

Kristina Groves

“At first as¬†an athlete,¬†but now as a parent and active member of the renewable energy industry,¬†I am more and more aware of how¬†climate change¬†is affecting¬†the planet as a whole, and our day-to-day existence.”
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Green Champion, photo of Marc Yamaguchi, a Bullfrog Power customer

Marc Yamaguchi

“It was instilled early on that people were profoundly interconnected with animals’ wellbeing, and I got my start by growing up with the domesticated kind.”
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Green Champion, photo of Pat Morden, a Bullfrog Power customer

Pat Morden

“Once you‚Äôve become aware of the importance of climate change and green energy, it becomes easier to find ways to take action.”
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Green Champion, photo of Richard Worzel, a Bullfrog Power customer

Richard Worzel

“And as more and more people have bought into green power, the economies of scale are making it less expensive than carbon-polluting power. It has become a double win for us all.”
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