10 ways to be more mindful of the planet when you travel

10 ways to be more mindful of the planet when you travel

Tuesday November 5, 2019

From the mountains of B.C. to the beaches of P.E.I. to the glaciers of Nunavut, Canada’s beautiful natural landscapes are a joy to explore. But as lovers of nature, we need to do our part to protect the environment. We’ve put together our top sustainable travel tips to help you plan your eco-friendly adventures:

  1. Go zero-waste whenever possible! Opting for e-tickets and carrying a reusable water bottle are great ways to start.
  2. According to the David Suzuki Foundation, air travel is responsible for four to nine per cent of the total climate change impact of human activity. Avoid flying if you can—and if you must fly, choose the most direct flight. You can also purchase carbon offsets for your air travel.
  3. Choose activities that have no carbon emissions at all, like hiking, paddling on a local river, or swimming in the lake or ocean.
  4. Choose a hotel that loves the planet as much as you do! Hotels across Canada are taking a stand for the environment by choosing Bullfrog Power’s green energy—for your next city break, check out Hotel Blackfoot in Calgary, the Hyatt Regency Vancouver, or Ottawa’s Brookstreet Hotel. Planning a Maritime getaway instead? Try Oak Island Resort & Conference Centre in Nova Scotia or Dalvay by the Sea on Prince Edward Island.
  5. Look for travel size versions of your favourite Earth-friendly bath and body products, like those in bullfrogpowered Rocky Mountain Soap Co.’s travel collection.
  6. Seek out ways to reduce your transportation footprint once you’ve arrived at your destination. Plan a public transit route, rent a bike, or head out on foot!
  7. Want to escape city life for a while? Plan a camping trip! Check out bullfrogpowered Mountain Equipment Co-op for all the gear you’ll need. Besides a huge assortment of camping products, MEC offers equipment rentals and an online outdoor gear swap.
  8. Leave nothing but footprints, and take nothing but pictures. Do your best to keep natural spaces just as they were before your visit.
  9. Eat local! Opt for food and drinks that have been harvested, raised, caught, brewed, or roasted locally.
  10. Bring your conservation habits with you—be conscious of saving energy and water just as you are at home.

And here’s a bonus tip: keep the green momentum going long after your trip is over! Check out our top tips for going green at work and for helping the kids be more sustainable at school.


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