A clean energy future must be sustainable and equitable for all

Sunday June 21, 2020


This guest post was written by Darrell Brown, Chair of the Board of Directors of Indigenous Clean Energy, a social enterprise that's empowering leadership and collaboration with Indigenous Peoples on the path to a clean energy future. The image is of Indigenous Clean Energy's 20/20 Catalysts Program held in Yellowknife.

National Indigenous Peoples Day is a time to reflect and recognize unique cultures and the significant contributions of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples from coast-to-coast-to-coast. As a clean energy sector, it should also be a time to commemorate stewardship towards the land that has sustained Indigenous Peoples since time immemorial, and the contributions of those working to create a just clean energy transition and combat climate change. 

As businesses in the clean energy sector, there are many ways you can participate in the celebration, not just today, but every day:

  • Spend the time learning from Indigenous educators about where you live and work‚ÄĒstarting here;
  • Advocate for equity in your businesses¬†for Indigenous People¬†as an integral part of a clean energy future;
  • Promote and support provincial/territorial and federal policies¬†to support Indigenous community and business leadership in the clean energy sector;¬†
  • Seek out Indigenous restaurants, music, art, and businesses for your everyday products and business needs;
  • Have conversations with fellow organizations in the energy sector about Indigenous leadership and inclusion;¬†
  • Watch a movie by an Indigenous director or read a book by an Indigenous author; and
  • Appreciate and honour those working hard on behalf of creating a sustainable planet for this generation and generations to come.

As a sector, our vision for a clean energy future needs to be one that is sustainable and equitable for all. With that, I encourage you to think about the intersects of your work and how Indigenous People need not be on the sidelines¬†‚ÄĒ but how you collaborate, how you listen, and how you learn from Indigenous Peoples to better your work.