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Billy Bishop Airport’s ferry is going electric!

Billy Bishop Airport’s ferry is going electric!

Monday December 23, 2019

PortsToronto, the owner and operator of Billy Bishop Airport, announced that it will be converting the airport’s Marilyn Bell I ferry to electric power next year. Travellers who choose the ferry will be riding on the first lithium-ion powered ferry in Canada! The Marilyn Bell I ferry will also be 100% bullfrogpowered with green electricity.

Bullfrog Power’s producers will inject green electricity onto the grid to match the amount required to power the ferry. This electricity comes from a blend of wind and low-impact hydro power in Ontario and across Canada.

“The conversion of the Marilyn Bell I airport ferry to electric power demonstrates how serious we are in our commitment to the environment and to the waterfront community in which we operate,” said Geoffrey A. Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, PortsToronto, owners and operators of Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. “We are proud to invest in this leading-edge, sustainable transportation infrastructure that will reduce PortsToronto’s overall emissions, which is a significant step toward our organization’s environmental objectives and in support of the Canadian Government’s 2030 emission reduction target.”

PortsToronto has a strong sustainability program, with Environmental Stewardship as one of its four priority areas. The transition to an electric ferry will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 530 tonnes. PortsToronto has been a Bullfrog Power customer since 2010, and during this time has reduced 12,361 tonnes of CO2 emissions. This is equivalent to taking over 2,600 cars off the road or diverting over 3,900 tonnes of waste from the landfill! These initiatives are helping PortsToronto reach its goal of 35% carbon reduction compared to 2015 levels by 2030.

The Marilyn Bell I ferry transports passengers, airport staff, and essential supplies to and from Billy Bishop Airport. It also gives City of Toronto service vehicles a link to the Toronto Islands.

Learn more about the ferry electrification project here.

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