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CIBC purchases 15,000 MWh of green electricity from Bullfrog Power

CIBC purchases 15,000 MWh of green electricity from Bullfrog Power

Friday January 8, 2021

Bullfrog Power, Canada’s leading green energy provider and Spark Power Corp.’s sustainability company, is pleased to announce that CIBC has purchased green electricity for their operations in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories for the 2020 fiscal year. This green energy purchase is an important step towards CIBC’s goal of sourcing 100% of their electricity from renewable sources and becoming carbon neutral by 2024.  

‚ÄúCIBC is proud to be supporting clean, renewable energy with Bullfrog Power,‚Ä̬†says¬†Kikelomo¬†Lawal, Executive Vice-President and Chief Legal Officer, CIBC.‚ÄĮ¬†‚ÄúBy choosing¬†green electricity,¬†CIBC¬†is¬†supporting¬†Canada‚Äôs transition¬†to a more sustainable future.‚Ä̬†

Through the agreement, Bullfrog Power’s producers put renewable electricity onto the grid to match the amount of conventional electricity used by CIBC. Bullfrog’s green electricity comes from a blend of wind and low-impact hydro power sourced from new Canadian renewable energy facilities. Watch this How It Works video to learn more about Bullfrog’s renewable energy sources. 

Bullfrog also uses the support of its customers to help fund more than 150 new community-based green energy projects across Canada.  

‚ÄúWe‚Äôre¬†excited about¬†helping¬†CIBC¬†make significant progress towards¬†their¬†sustainability goals,‚Ä̬†says¬†Sean Drygas, President, Bullfrog Power. ‚ÄúBy choosing green electricity,¬†CIBC¬†is helping to reduce our dependence on polluting forms of energy and transition Canada to renewable energy sources.‚Ä̬†

CIBC’s purchase amounts to more than 15,000 MWh of green electricity being put onto the grid. To maximize the positive environmental impacts of their purchase, they chose to bullfrogpower their operations in areas that have electricity grids with high carbon intensity, such as New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Saskatchewan. 

CIBC reports to CDP, a nonprofit that encourages companies to measure and manage their environmental risks and opportunities and report this information to CDP’s global disclosure system. CDP has accredited Bullfrog Power as its first Canada-focused renewable energy partner, and our renewable energy certificates follow the greenhouse gas protocol outlined in CDP reporting criteria.  

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