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Less Emissions now offers corporate shipping offsets, with Freightzy leading the way

Less Emissions now offers corporate shipping offsets, with Freightzy leading the way

Thursday April 29, 2021

Here at Bullfrog Power, we make it simple to choose green energy alternatives. But not all aspects of your carbon footprint are that easy to shrink. Less Emissions, our sister company, provides high-quality carbon offsets to help businesses and individuals address the emissions that are difficult to reduce or eliminate, like those from air travel. And now, Less can help companies achieve carbon neutral shipping.

Reducing the emissions from large transport is a difficult area to tackle. One day, electric trucks will likely be a viable green option. But until then, quality offsets are a much-needed way for organizations to address their emissions from first- or third-party shipping.

Freightzy sets an example for the shipping industry

Freightzy people in truckFreightzy, a Guelph-based sole-source logistics provider that offers complete supply chain and shipping solutions, partnered with Less to offer a carbon neutral shipping option for their customers.

Sean Freedman, President of Freightzy, noted that the transportation sector produces about a third of greenhouse gas emissions in both the USA and Canada. “We want to be a leader in addressing the impact of our sector on climate change,” said Freedman. “By partnering with Less Emissions, we can offer our customers a greener way to bring their products to market.”

For clients who participate in Freightzy’s Carbon Neutral Program, Freightzy will purchase Gold Standard offsets on less than truckload (LTL) shipments booked directly through their portal. For all other modes of transit shipped with Freightzy, they will calculate the emissions and offer their clients the opportunity to purchase offsets through Less’s portfolio of Gold Standard projects. This allows Freightzy’s customers to address their Scope 3 emissions from shipping.

“I hope to inspire other logistics companies to offset emissions from customer shipments. The business case for us to do this makes sense, and I hope my competitors will do the same.”

Sean Freedman, President of Freightzy

Driving positive social impact with carbon neutral shipping

Freightzy is passionate about carbon neutral shipping and supporting sustainable ways of doing business. They began testing their program with a few clients in January 2020—collectively, they offset 47.41 tonnes of CO2 emissions. According to the EPA, that’s equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions from ten passenger vehicles being driven for a year.

Choosing offsets with positive social impacts was also important to Freightzy. They chose Less Emissions’ Gold Standard offsets, which come from projects that meet at least three of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Purchasing carbon offsets from projects that support sustainable development in vulnerable communities ensures that offsetting also contributes to climate justice. Gold Standard-certified projects aim to improve the lives of those least responsible for the problem and least economically equipped to adapt to the changing conditions caused by climate change.

Freightzy Carbon Neutral customers are currently supporting three Gold Standard projects:

  • A solid waste treatment plant in Vietnam that captures methane gas emissions from municipal waste and converts organic materials into sustainable compost for local farmers
  • A biogas project in Thailand that captures biogas from wastewater from the Thai San Miguel Liquor distillery (TSML) and converts it into electricity
  • A waste-heat-capture project at the Yingxin Glassworks Factory in China, where four boilers convert waste heat into electricity used for glass production

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