NRStor provides real-world solutions for our energy grid challenges

NRStor provides real-world solutions for our energy grid challenges

Tuesday July 30, 2019

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Energy storage is one of the biggest challenges facing the renewable energy industry today—unlocking more advanced storage solutions would help open the doors to a fully renewable energy grid.

NRStor Inc. develops, owns, and operates industry-leading energy storage projects that deliver increased energy savings and reduce environmental impact across the energy supply chain. Through its work, NRStor is helping to accelerate the commercialization of energy storage technologies and inspire positive change on the electric grid.

NRStor signed on with Bullfrog Power in May, 2019 to provide green energy to its 2MW/500kWh flywheel energy storage project located in Minto, Ontario. This project was the first grid-connected commercial flywheel facility in Canada, providing a real-world example of how innovative energy storage projects can benefit the system.

What exactly is a flywheel?

A flywheel is a mechanical battery that stores electricity in the form of kinetic energy. (For those of us who don’t remember our high school physics classes—kinetic energy is the energy that an object possesses because of its motion). The flywheel uses the motion of a spinning mass of steel to store kinetic energy. This steel is housed in a vacuum to reduce air drag and make it more efficient for energy storage.

The Minto flywheel storage project increases the reliability of the energy systems through regulation services that match system generation to total system load, helping correct variations in power system frequency.

NRStor's bullfrogpowered flywheel project in Minto
NRStor’s bullfrogpowered flywheel project in Minto

What’s in store for NRStor?

Energy storage projects are essential to creating a system that is powered by non-emitting energy sources. These projects allow us to withdraw and reinject energy onto the grid, depending on the demand for energy at any given time. Overall, energy storage projects optimize the flow of energy throughout the system, improving power quality to end users.

“NRStor is committed to a sustainable and renewable future and we will take advantage of any opportunity to further green our non-emitting energy resources. Choosing Bullfrog Power for our Minto flywheel storage project supports our mission to continually improve the sustainability of the Ontario power grid,” commented Annette Verschuren, CEO & Founder of NRStor Inc.

Bullfrog is excited to welcome the NRStor Minto flywheel storage project to the bullfrogpowered community—and we’re inspired by the innovative work NRStor is doing to improve the reliability and feasibility of renewable energy sources and storage in the energy grid!