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What can we do for the climate in 2021?

What can we do for the climate in 2021?

Tuesday January 5, 2021

As we enter a new year, Bullfrog Power’s President, Sean Drygas, reflects on the role renewable energy can play in a green recovery.

There’s no doubt that 2020 was a difficult year. The coronavirus pandemic has cost us lives, jobs, and time with our loved ones. And as we feel those immediate and tangible losses, fighting climate change may feel like less of a priority.

But recovering from COVID-19 and transitioning to a low-carbon economy are not separate goals, and the need to halve emissions by 2030 remains. By making sustainable choices today, we can help our current situation while setting ourselves up for a much brighter future. The renewable energy industry is poised to create good, safe jobs, boost the Canadian economy, and protect us from the future crises that climate change would cause.

How can addressing climate change help us recover from the pandemic?

At Bullfrog Power, we’ve been working hard to show how cleantech and renewable energy can enable a just, green recovery. Alongside RBC, we signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) that’s bringing two new solar farms, more than 300 construction jobs, and over $70 million of capital investment to Alberta. We’re also sourcing power from the Fisher River Cree Nation’s solar farm, an Indigenous-built and Indigenous-owned project in Manitoba.

Bullfrog’s community projects are also showcasing the importance of building a vibrant green economy. The Centre for Social Innovation’s Earth Tech, an accelerator for climate and freshwater solutions, hosted startups and nonprofits working on automated tree planting, carbon capture, community-led water testing, and much more. This year, the ventures earned and raised $4 million and created 31% more jobs compared with the start of the program.

Flash Forest, an Earth Tech venture, uses drones to plant trees quickly and cheaply.Flash Forest, an Earth Tech venture, uses drones to plant trees quickly and cheaply.

We know that a green recovery will benefit us all—it will protect and uplift the most vulnerable members of our society, as well as make already successful organizations more resilient and attractive to customers, employees, and investors.

What’s Bullfrog Power planning for the new year?

As we all adapt to these challenging times, we want Bullfrog to evolve with you. In addition to green electricity, natural gas, and fuel, we now offer sustainability solutions that can help organizations shrink their carbon footprint while saving money. If you’re interested in improving your company’s energy efficiency or gaining energy cost security with a power purchase agreement, please get in touch at

We celebrated Bullfrog’s 15th anniversary last year, but our focus is on the next 15 years—a crucial time for the climate movement. We thank you for building a renewably powered future with us, and we look forward to making an even bigger impact in the coming years.


Sean Drygas,

President of Bullfrog Power

For more on the role of renewable energy in addressing climate change, check out our video below!