Bullfrog Power’s Guide to Eco-Friendly Refilleries

Friday December 8, 2023

Create, Replace, Reconsider

We all find ourselves at different spots in our personal sustainability journeys. We’re constantly learning about new ways to lessen our environmental impact and take that one extra step to make a difference. Bullfrog Power and companies that choose our green energy would like to support your journey by providing practical tips and tricks to keep in your back pocket. 

Have you noticed the many refill stores popping up around you? Maybe there’s one just a few blocks down the street from your office or perhaps you’ve heard that there’s a new store opening in your neighbourhood.  

Shopping at refilleries is a great way to reduce your environmental impact as it reduces the prevalence of single- use plastics used as packaging for your groceries and other household items. This is important since, on average, only 9% of plastics end up getting recycled, while the rest end up either in a landfill, waste-to-energy facilities, or littering the environment from the peak of Mount Everest to the bottom of the ocean. 

Your positive impact on addressing this source of pollution cannot be overstated. This is why we’ve put together a short list of some innovative refill stores that also happen to be bullfrogpowered. Check out at one of these retailers to get your low-waste goods and support green energy at the same time

Don’t see your local store on this list? Next time you’re shopping there you can be an advocate for the environment by suggesting that they become bullfrogpowered 

And of course, in this modern day and age, if you’ve got an idea there’s an app for that. To make an even bigger impact while using your reusable containers, you can check out Fill it Forward. This bullfrogpowered company has created reusable containers with a QR code that you scan every time you refill. Each time you scan, a donation is made by the company through their product sales and corporate sponsorships. You can also purchase QR code stickers to use on your own water bottles and containers. To learn more about this app and their charitable partners, click here. 

We hope this has given you a little energy boost to implement a practical change in your routine. We all lose that sense of motivation from time to time, but nothing feels better than knowing a small choice we make has an outsized impact. So next time you find yourself throwing away a non-recyclable plastic item, see if there is a reusable option or refillery in your area that you can support instead. 

Stay tuned for more blogs to come. You can read more of our Be inspired blog posts here. 

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