Greening The Art of Junk

Greening The Art of Junk

Thursday March 22, 2018

The carbon footprint of transportation is a major issue that many eco-minded businesses are finding difficult to address. Here’s the story of one Canadian startup that’s doing its part.

Junkery is the first junk removal services company in Canada to become bullfrogpowered with green fuel. Junkery is a Halifax startup that’s choosing green fuel for 25% of its fleet.

“We’re proud of our decision to choose Bullfrog for our junk removal fleet,” says Ginny Sterling Boddie, co-founder of Junkery. “It’s a unique solution for our business, and it makes us feel good knowing we’re doing that much more for the planet.”

Junkery makes it easy for Haligonians to remove the junk from their homes, improving productivity and quality of life for both homeowners and businesses. The company even sorts and recycles every possible item to keep it out of the landfill—diverting more than 85% of materials it collects.

“Being in the business we’re in, it’s especially important for us to do everything we can to reduce our environmental impact,” Boddie says. “It’s just one of many steps to come in our sustainability journey.”

Bullfrog Power’s green fuel product helps climate-conscious businesses begin to address their existing transportation emissions until greener alternatives become available. Learn more today.


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