Six reasons to appreciate the sun

Friday March 10, 2023

The sun provides us with warmth, light, and inspiration. And when you choose Bullfrog Power’s green electricity, the sun is part of the renewable energy mix for your home or business. To celebrate Solar Appreciation Day on March 11th, we asked the bullfrogpowered community what they appreciate about the sun.

1. The sun gives us life

Let’s start with the basics: the sun is essential to our existence and our health. Natural Factors points out that without sunlight, there would be no life on Earth: “energy from the sun is converted to sugars by plants; in turn, our bodies convert those sugars into energy within us. The sun rejuvenates our life!”

2. Sunlight keeps us moving

Who hasn’t seen the sun peek through the clouds and felt an insatiable urge to get outside? PortsToronto notes that the sun makes boat rides from the Outer Harbour Marina or walks by the Toronto waterfront more enjoyable. Solar energy also helps keep their operations moving literally. “Everything from the moving sidewalks at Billy Bishop Airport to the Marilyn Bell electric ferry are bullfrogpowered, providing a cleaner, greener, and quieter way to get from point A to point B,” PortsToronto said.

People walk along the sunny Toronto lakeshore to celebrate solar appreciation day
People enjoy the sun at Toronto's waterfront.

3. Solar is a source of creativity

From painters to filmmakers, the light from the sun has always inspired artists. It also inspired SITURA’s name and logo: in situ is Latin for “in-place” and Ra is the ancient Egyptian god of the sun, so the name SITURA means “a place in the sun.” The company supplies waterproof expansion joints that are often used outdoors, so their name fits perfectly! SITURA says that “the sun’s radiant power tests our products, validating their performance in the field for all to see.”

4. There’s nothing like a cold treat on a sunny day

The best way to enjoy ice cream or gelato is in a race against the sun, catching each drip before it runs off the cone and down your wrist. As Righteous Gelato puts it, “any flavour pairs well with a sunny day!” We love their fruit-forward sorbettos, like passion fruit lemonade, for an extra refreshing and vegan treat.

Hands holding ice cream cones on a sunny day
Don't let that Righteous Gelato melt!

5. Sunlight brings the smiles

The sun is an undeniable mood booster. Wild Rock Outfitters’ tagline is to “Go out and play,” and their team knows that the sun is what makes our outdoor playground viable and fulfilling. As they put it, “The sun is the key ingredient in making smiles radiate from our staff and clients.”

Hikers appreciate the sun during a hike
Hikers going out to play with their Wild Rock Outfitters gear.

6. The sun is a renewable, emissions-free power source

We saved the best for last. Everyone who bullfrogpowers their home or business appreciates that the sun provides renewable, carbon-free energy as part of their green energy mix. Our community is grateful that solar energy is an affordable way to address their energy-related emissions and protect future generations from the effects of climate change.

Want to celebrate Solar Appreciation Day by learning more about Bullfrog's solar energy sources? Check out this video about the Burdett and Yellow Lake Solar Facility.