Solar-powered hockey rinks – supported by Bullfrog community – celebrate 275 carbon neutral days!

Solar-powered hockey rinks – supported by Bullfrog community – celebrate 275 carbon neutral days!

Tuesday August 1, 2017

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The Town of Black Diamond, Alberta was named in 1907 for the coal mine opened in the town more than 100 years ago. Flash forward to 2017—and Black Diamond is now home to eight green energy projects and counting. It’s setting an example for municipalities across Canada that transitioning to renewables step by step is well within reach!

In 2013, thanks the support of our customers, Bullfrog Power helped fund a 10 kW solar installation on the roof of the Oilfields Regional Arena, Black Diamond’s local indoor hockey rink. In addition to benefiting the environment, all of the savings achieved as a result of the power being generated from this project are reinvested in the Town’s sustainability efforts. The money goes into a Green Fund that is used to fund future renewable energy projects.

The Oilfields Regional Arena is celebrating 177 net-zero days – when the solar panels generate enough power to cover all of the facility’s electricity needs – since December, 2013. The solar panels on the outdoor Scott Seaman Sports Rink, funded using savings from Black Diamond’s Green Fund, have achieved an additional 98 net-zero days since its launch in September, 2016. That’s 275 carbon neutral days!

What’s next in Black Diamond’s transition to renewables? The Town plans to expand the solar on their outdoor Sports Rink to further reduce its environmental footprint—adding to the six solar installations and two wind turbines they’ve already developed.

To date, Bullfrog Power has provided funding to more than 115 community-based green energy projects across Canada. Learn more about how you can support the development of green energy projects like this one here.


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