We love a good origin story—Whitewater Brewing Co. and the tale behind the name

We love a good origin story—Whitewater Brewing Co. and the tale behind the name

Friday October 6, 2017

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The inspiration for Whitewater Brewing Co. originated on the banks of the mighty Ottawa River—world-renowned for its incredible whitewater adventures. These adventures brought three friends together year after year. One year, they had an epiphany: James Innes, Chris Thompson and Chris Thompson, founders of Whitewater Brewing Co. (that’s right—two founders share the same name!), thought, “What better way to pay homage to the Ottawa Valley than to set up a business named after the activity we love most, in the area we love most?”

These trips inspired the brewery’s core values: always making time to play and appreciating friendships and community. Whitewater Brewing wanted to give back to the community that had given them so much already. The Brewery’s early days were filled with hard work as well as play, and the best times involved four key ingredients: good friends, music, food and (you guessed it) beer.

“Obviously, the first step to achieving our dream was creating a great beer for the locals to enjoy,” says Thompson. The next step was to use the brewery’s success to give back to their region, through job creation and charitable giving. “We started the brewery with a lot of great intentions and we feel like we’re doing a good job living up to our aspirations. But, since the beginning, we wanted to do more to limit our environmental impact. The rugged Canadian landscape is our playground and it is important to us that we help protect it.”

This October, Whitewater Brewing Co. began choosing 100% green electricity and 100% green natural gas for their Lakeside Brewery and Brewpub. From all of us at Bullfrog Power, we are so excited to welcome them to our circle of friends. Cheers!