Les Quinton

Les Quinton

Parks & Recreation Manager, Town of Black Diamond | Black Diamond, Alberta

Green energy provides a win-win opportunity

I’m trying to make changes in my life that will ensure my grandchildren can enjoy life as I have. The things I work on at my job are also the passions I work on at home and one of the big themes in my life is alternative energy.

I collect information on alternative energy so we can make informed decisions for future undertakings; the data can also help others understand why renewable energy is so important. By seeing alternative energy in operation and showing people how it can make a difference can be an eye opener. Green energy provides a win-win opportunity: it helps reduce our carbon footprint and saves us money.

Solar panels on our town’s hockey rink

We generate enough renewable energy [with the solar panels on our Town’s hockey rink] to provide 8% of our annual electrical consumption for the arena. The interest from our youth is growing stronger every year. Seeing the live data and showing [the kids] the net zero days of operation each year helps; it impresses all ages!

Where would I like to see my town in the future? Generating enough renewable electricity to supply our entire municipality and conserving and reusing water—so that future generations never have to worry about shortages. I’d like our garbage to be reused and composted so it’s no longer put in landfills. These are some of the things I’d like to see.

Leading by example

Our municipality has been working on becoming more sustainable for a number of years and I hope that leading by example will encourage other residents and communities to start working toward the same goal.

I’m thankful for the funding we received from the Bullfrog community—who helped make the Oilfields solar project a reality for our community.

Les Quinton, the Town of Black Diamond’s Parks & Recreation Manager, is helping to champion renewable energy projects throughout his municipality by building a data-rich business case for alternative energy. In 2013, the bullfrogpowered community worked with Les and the Town, providing funding for a 10kW solar photovoltaic installation on the roof of the Town’s Oilfields Regional Arena.

Learn more about the Oilfields Regional Arena Solar Project in Black Diamond.

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