Pat Morden

Green Champion, photo of Pat Morden, a Bullfrog Power customer
Green Champion, photo of Pat Morden, a Bullfrog Power customer

Professional Writer and Editor | Bullfrog Power green champion 

Grand Bend, a Southern Ontario resort town, rests against the beaches of Lake Huron and draws thousands of vacationers every summer. It is the place that Bullfrog Power customer Pat Morden and her husband have made their home. Pat runs a boutique corporate communications consulting and writing service with a focus in the healthcare and education sectors and is Executive Director of the Sunset Community Foundation. Pat recently spoke to Bullfrog about how her experience as a professional communicator and move to Lake Huron have led to a newfound perspective on their environment and her community.

“We lived in London, Ontario, for many years, and about 20 years ago we moved up to Grand Bend. Our community is in a beautiful natural environment, next to a Provincial Park and the wonderful Oak Savannas. Lake Huron is at our doorstep.”

Like many others, Pat made her first real connection with the environmental movement through the 2006 documentary  An Inconvenient Truth. “I had wanted to see it for a while but there were no movie theatres where we live. We heard that the conservation authority was to show the film in another village, and we decided to go. It completely changed our point of view. I can clearly remember walking out the door of the hall, thinking okay, we’re going to have to do something about this.”

“It was our ‘road to Damascus’ experience. After seeing An Inconvenient Truth, we actively started looking for ways to green our lives. One of the biggest projects was to find renewable alternatives for powering the house. We started doing research. Solar wasn’t possible for our location and geothermal was a much larger project than we were prepared to undertake. At that point we came across Bullfrog Power and realized that this is something a little bit more doable.”

“Once you’ve become aware of the importance of climate change and green energy, it becomes easier to find ways to take action. That definitely happened to us with respect to our community involvement. My husband and I helped organize the Lakeshore Eco-Network, an environmental organization with the mission of planting trees to fight climate change.”

“We now hold a native tree and plant sale twice a year, tree festivals, speaker and other events to raise awareness of climate change. We both trained as presenters with Al Gore’s Climate Reality organization. My husband is a Rotary Club member and co-chairs the water quality and environment committee.” 

For Pat, these events and activities are more than a way for like-minded people to take action for the environment. They are part of the network of grassroots organizations all over Canada. And the word is getting out that individual action matters. By working to change attitudes and promoting the idea that individuals can positively impact their communities and local environment, says Pat, we all become part of the bigger fight against climate change.

“I used to think that endlessly talking about awareness and small changes wasn’t going to change anything. Now, I feel that even the smallest acts can be beneficial. Even an incremental shift in the way a person thinks should be thought of as real progress. When you get into the habit of acting for the environment, it becomes a way of life. I want people to start thinking: ‘maybe there is something that I can do.'”

“One of the easiest and most meaningful things that you can do for the environment is to sign on with Bullfrog Power. No one should think of it as a cost. It is a way of motivating conservation. When we signed on, we felt that our goal should be to conserve enough power so as to offset the price, and we’ve achieved that. People will be amazed once they have signed on because it is such a simple and positive thing that you can do. It’s been a great discovery for us.”


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