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Partner: Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative (OREC)

The Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative (OREC) develops community-based green energy projects such as solar panels on schools and housing co-opsā€”and Bullfrog is helping the co-op build community support. OREC partners with local property owners to use their land or rooftops for community-owned renewable power projectsā€”benefitting the land owners, co-op members and the environment. With a contribution from Bullfrog Power, OREC will continue to build community support for renewable energy projects in Eastern Ontario.

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Read our Currents of Change profile with
Janice Ashworth, Operations Manager, OREC

Janice Ashworth

Janice Ashworth

“Schools are a perfect location for renewable energy projects because they are community hubs.”
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About our community projects

Activists and organizers across the country are working to transition their communities away from fossil fuels. We created our community-based green energy projects grant to provide critical funding for these local efforts.

All bullfrogpowered customers help fund these small-scale, community-led projects, including solar panels on schools and in Indigenous communities, education and training programs, and a cleantech accelerator.

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Abbey dawn solar

Abbey Dawn Solar Project

This community co-operative is committed to growing new renewable energy projects in the Kingston region. Bullfrog is providing funding and communications support to help the co-op grow and build membership in order to see their projects come to fruition.

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Arviat solar

Arviat Community Centre Solar Project

The Hamlet of Arviat, located on the western shore of the Hudson Bay, hopes to be the first Hamlet in Canada to launch a green energy project. To help reduce their emissions and secure their energy independence, the community is launching a solar project on a community centre with help from the Bullfrog...

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