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Partner: The Deanery Project

The Deanery Project is a Halifax community co-op that serves as a demonstration site for environmental sustainability, skills development and community building.

At the site, students of sustainable building can learn about straw bale construction, small-scale wind turbines and living roofs. After developing this co-op on a formerly dilapidated lot outside of Halifax, the project’s founder set out to incorporate renewable energy into the centre. With financial support from Bullfrog Power, The Deanery Project’s Main Hall now houses a 6 kW solar installation on its roof. The installation helps put more green energy on Nova Scotia’s electricity grid and teaches visitors about renewable energy—and how it fits within the overall concept of sustainable building.

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About our community projects

Activists and organizers across the country are working to transition their communities away from fossil fuels. We created our community-based green energy projects grant to provide critical funding for these local efforts.

All bullfrogpowered customers help fund these small-scale, community-led projects, including solar panels on schools and in Indigenous communities, education and training programs, and a cleantech accelerator.

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