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75% of Canadians feel that companies should be doing more to address climate change.1

About green electricity

About green electricity

We source our green electricity from wind, solar, and low-impact hydro projects that meet or exceed the strictest environmental criteria, as defined by EcoLogo®.

  • We support the development of new renewable energy projects by purchasing from EcoLogo new sources.
  • We promote renewables across Canada, including in carbon-intensive grids, by sourcing 50% of your green electricity from your region.
  • We’re audited annually by Deloitte to make sure that your green electricity was produced, accurately counted, and credited to you.
How it works
Sources and methodology
Bullfrog Power offers a simple but powerful way to take the lead in supporting the development of renewable energy and reducing our environmental impact.

David Suzuki Foundation

Using only habitat-friendly renewable energy is vital to combating climate change so that nature, wildlife and people can thrive together. Bullfrog Power is an important part of that fight, and World Wildlife Fund Canada is proud to be bullfrogpowered.


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