Green energy

It’s time to accelerate the green energy transition 

Decarbonizing our energy systems is essential to combatting climate change, and you can help by choosing high-quality green electricity, green natural gas, or green fuel. We‚Äôll put renewable energy onto the system on your behalf‚ÄĒno need to change your wiring or install special equipment.¬†

By bullfrogpowering your business or home, you’ll shrink your carbon footprint and help bring new renewable energy projects to the grid. You’ll also help fund community-based green energy projects like solar panels for schools, nonprofits, and Indigenous communities. 

Quality green energy and more

Communication benefits

Our marketing and communication benefits help you accurately share your sustainability achievements and connect with customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Reliable reporting

We’re the first renewable energy provider in Canada to publish a green energy audit to ensure your renewable energy was produced, properly counted, and credited to you.

Community projects support

In addition to supporting grid-scale renewable energy production, you’ll also help fund solar, wind, and cleantech projects in communities across Canada.

See how it works

We match your energy usage with 100% renewable electricity, natural gas, or fuel to reduce scope 1, 2, or 3 emissions. 

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Feature GE Wind Turbines on PEI

Green electricity

Procure renewable power from wind, solar, and low-impact hydro sources.
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Feature green natural gas biogas

Green natural gas

Displace your natural gas usage with a renewable alternative.
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Green fuel

Choose low-carbon fuel for your fleet or personal vehicle.
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