Power purchase agreements

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Transitioning to renewable energy is critical, and large organizations have an opportunity to bring new wind and solar projects to the grid. Power purchase agreements (PPAs) are an innovative, cost-effective way for large power users to procure green electricity and make significant progress towards their climate goals.

Our power purchase agreement solutions enable organizations across Canada to contract directly with renewable energy producers to make new wind and solar projects viable. With our risk mitigation strategies, PPAs can provide energy cost security — and even potential cost savings.

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With a PPA, your organization will make a new, grid-scale renewable project possible and see it come to life.

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Celebrate your tangible green energy progress with your customers, employees, and investors.

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PPAs can act as a hedge against volatile energy prices and provide insulation from rising energy costs.

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As Canada’s leading green energy provider, we can help your organization evaluate its energy needs and determine if a PPA is the best fit. If you choose to procure renewable energy with our power purchase agreement solutions, we’ll help you navigate the process—from selecting a project and running a request for proposal (RFP) through to structuring deals and managing risk.

Sean Drygas, an expert in power purchase agreements, explains how virtual PPAs can work for businesses across Canada.

What are power purchase agreements?

PPAs are financial agreements between an energy buyer and a renewable energy project developer. In these long-term contracts, the buyer guarantees the developer a fixed price for energy from a project that hasn’t been built yet, such as a wind farm or a solar array. For this fixed price, the buyer receives renewable energy certificates (RECs) from the project.

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Bullfrog Power provided excellent support to Shopify as we identified and selected a high impact renewable energy project for our first PPA. Bullfrog Power’s subject-matter expertise and offerings continue to enable Shopify to meet our renewable energy commitments, and support our broader mission of reversing climate change.

Stacy Kauk, Director of Shopify’s Sustainability Fund

Power purchase agreements

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