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Bullfrog Power helps us meet our sustainability goals while supporting impactful renewable energy projects across North America. We appreciate their quality, flexibility, and expertise in both Canadian and U.S. markets.
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Bullfrog Power’s sales team provided expert knowledge in helping Purolator maximize our Scope 2 emissions reductions by focusing on locally sourced RECs for our operations located in particularly carbon-intensive grids. The Bullfrog team tailored their renewable energy solution to meet…

Staples Canada

As the working and learning company, Staples Canada has always believed in the importance of setting industry-leading sustainability targets. Choosing green energy with Bullfrog Power, a CDP-accredited partner, since 2013 has been a critical part in our journey towards reducing…


CDP is thrilled to partner with Bullfrog Power as our first ever ‘renewable energy’ partner in Canada. Greening electricity consumption is a vital step in meaningfully reducing carbon from company’s Scope 2 footprint; Bullfrog’s suite of renewable energy services offers…

Your Credit Union

Credit unions exist to serve their members—it’s a commitment to community and people that sets co-operatives apart from traditional businesses. At Your Credit Union, we see a connection between putting people and the planet first. With our green energy commitment,…

Upper Canada College

We want our students to enter the working world with a mature understanding of their role in promoting sustainability and environmental good citizenship. That means we need to walk the talk on our school grounds and in everything we do.…

Toronto and Region Conservation

Since we provided critical seed funding to build Toronto’s first urban wind turbine, it was a natural progression for the Toronto Community Foundation to use the clean energy supplied by Bullfrog.

Toronto and Region Conservation

Powering the Kortright Centre with Bullfrog Power demonstrates to our customers that TRCA is furthering its energy conservation efforts and that they can also make smart green choices.

The Sisters of St. Joseph of London

Humans have dominated the planet at the expense of the natural world. Now it is becoming very clear to us what the real cost is: the loss of species, loss of beauty and damage to human health, especially the most…