Green Champion, photo of David Peacock, a Bullfrog Power customer

David Peacock

“We need to make a difference. We need to prepare as best as we canā€”for ourselves, the planet and future generations.Ā ”
Green Champion, photo of Anne Murray, a Bullfrog Power customer

Anne Murray

“I believe that climate change is a real challenge and that it is incumbent upon us to do whatever we can to reduce our impact on the environment and help create a cleaner world for future generations.”


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Judith Roux

“Taking action for the planetā€”keeping our waters clean, our forests green, our air breathableā€”is the only action on the table.”
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Kim Horrocks (and others!)

“I especially hope that the younger generation sees that when everyone gets together for the environment, change can happen.”
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Les Quinton

“Iā€™m trying to make changes in my life that will ensure my grandchildren can enjoy life as I have.”
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Janice Ashworth

“Schools are a perfect location for renewable energy projects because they are community hubs.”
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Jordan Webber

“There is amazing potential for change in Canadian communities, especially rural ones.”
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