Kevin McLaughlin

Kevin McLaughlin 1b

CEO and Founder, Zygg | Bullfrog Power green champion

Kevin McLaughlin is CEO and founder of Zygg, North America’s first ebike-as-a-subscription service. Electric bikes are going to play a key role in getting people, goods & services moving more sustainably, and Zygg is a leader in the coming ebike economy.

Kevin has been both an entrepreneur and sustainable city builder all his life, helping to launch (a national non-profit bringing nature to cities), Vancouver’s Modo - the Car Coop (one of the first car sharing programs in the world) and Toronto’s AutoShare car sharing service.

He is continuing a family tradition in the mobility industry that dates back to 1867. Kevin lives with his family in Cabbagetown.

About green champions

Thousands of people bullfrogpower their homes with green electricity, green natural gas, or both. Together, these green champions are shrinking their carbon footprints, transitioning our energy systems to clean sources, and showing others that the future is renewable. 

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