Montana First Nation Water Treatment Plant Solar Project

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Partner: Montana First Nation, Green Arrow Renewable Energy

In the heart of oil country, Montana First Nation is leading the way in community solar generation. In partnership with Bullfrog Power and Green Arrow Renewable Energy Corp., a Montana First Nation renewable energy company, the community constructed a new solar installation and set up a solar training program for youth. The course offered students theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience completing actual installation of grid-tied and battery backup solar PV systems on Montana First Nation’s community buildings. The 20 kW solar installation, built on the community’s water treatment plant, is leading the way for additional First Nations renewable energy projects in Alberta.

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Through the support of our customers, Bullfrog Power helped Montana First Nation develop a solar project to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels.

About our community projects

Activists and organizers across the country are working to transition their communities away from fossil fuels. We created our community-based green energy projects grant to provide critical funding for these local efforts.

All bullfrogpowered customers help fund these small-scale, community-led projects, including solar panels on schools and in Indigenous communities, education and training programs, and a cleantech accelerator.

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