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We're proud to source renewable energy for more than 50 B Corps that share a common goal: to use business as a force for good.

Bullfrog Power has also been a certified B Corp since 2011. B Corps like ours aim to drive positive social and environmental change. We do that by helping to green Canada's energy systems, supporting community-based renewable energy projects, and donating 10% of our profits to organizations that support sustainability. Maintaining our B Corp status has remained a priority as we strive to change Canada's renewable energy system.

Bullfrog has been awarded B Corp’s Best for Overall (2015), Best for the Environment (2012-2018), Best for Workers (2013-2018) and Best for Governance (2017-2018). Read our most recent assessment here.

B Corps improve sustainability like this river in its natural landscape


In order to attain certification, a company must achieve a score of 80 or above on their B Impact Assessment. This tool is designed to measure and manage a company’s positive impact on their workers, community, customers, and environment.


Certified B Corporations are legally required to consider all impacts of their decisions on stakeholders. The B Corp legal framework allows companies to protect their mission and ensures that the company will continue to practice stakeholder governance.


All certified B Corps must allow information to be publicly available on their B Corp profile on B Lab’s website. Their performance will be measured against B Lab’s standards.


Choose renewable energy and make your business a force for good

Choosing green energy from Bullfrog Power can help boost your score to become a certified B Corp. Environment is one of the five pillars in the the B Impact Assessment, making renewable energy for B Corps a popular choice.

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B Corp spotlight of the month

Your Neighborhood Credit Union

One of the most important levers for change is our financial investments. Your Neighborhood Credit Union is a community-driven financial co-op that invests in local organizations, giving back through donations, grants, and volunteer work. They’ve expanded their ESG commitments by adjusting existing policies, implementing innovative programs, and partnering with Sustainable Waterloo Region. In 2023, Your Neighbourhood Credit Union further strengthened their social and environmental commitments by receiving B Corp certification and bullfrogpowering their corporate office in Kitchener, Ontario.


Past spotlights

Muskoka Roastery Coffee Co.

Located in the heart of Ontario's cottage country, The Muskoka Roastery Coffee Co. has been handcrafting coffee since the early 2000s and achieved B Corp status in 2020. Muskoka Roastery is a sustainability pioneer, being the first coffee roaster in Canada to source green beans exclusively from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, as well as the first to launch 100% compostable pods. Muskoka bullfrogpowers their Huntsville roastery showroom, office, and factory with green electricity and green natural gas, and they choose green fuel for their fleet.

Muskoka Roasters Logo Minus Sawtooth_Colour

Green Circle Salons

Green Circle Salons is a company that empowers salons to recycle their beauty waste in a safe, sustainable, and ethical way. They recover beauty waste such as hair clippings, metals, plastics, and other single-use items from over 16,000 beauty professionals across North America - that's over 1 millions pounds each year! Green Circle Salons has been a certified B Corporation since 2019 and a proud bullfrogpowered business since 2009.

green circle salons logo


Founded in 2008 in Calgary, Alberta, Benevity is a leading provider of corporate purpose software, which allows companies and their employees to donate their time, money and talent to causes they care about. It now has more than 2 million users around the world and has facilitated over $10 billion in donations and 46 million hours of volunteering time to support over 300,000 nonprofits worldwide. Benevity, which became one of Canada’s first B Corps in 2011, has been a proud bullfrog powered business since 2018.  

Benevity logo

Flow Alkaline Spring Water

Founded in 2015, Flow Alkaline Spring Water is committed to providing plastic-free, natural alkaline spring water to people across the globe. Flow has been a certified B Corp and a Bullfrog Power customer since 2017. Flow's company motto is 'Feel Good - Be Good - Do Good,' and they do just that by setting ambitious social and environmental targets.

Flow alkaline spring water logo

PenFinancial Credit Union

Serving the Niagara region for over 60 years, PenFinancial Credit Union is committed to its community, the environment, and its employees. PenFinancial has been bullfrogpowered since 2021, and a certified B Corp since 2019. The credit union is also an Ontario Living Wage employer and collaborates with local charities to address challenges such as affordable housing and mental health awareness.

PenFinancial Logo 2022


As a leader in the menstrual care industry, Diva has been a certified B Corporation and a bullfrogpowered business since 2018. Diva is a women-owned and led company committed to its community and the environment. Through their social impact partnerships, recycling programs, and product donations, Diva is challenging the way businesses manage social and environmental stewardship.

Diva-International-Logo small (1)

Righteous Gelato

Righteous Gelato has been a dedicated Bullfrog Power customer since 2014, and a certified B Corporation since 2016! Starting as a small gelato shop in 2003 in Calgary, Alberta, Righteous is now available in grocery stores from coast to coast. Righteous is committed to reducing its impact on the environment, supporting its people and culture, and donating 1% of revenue to social causes. Righteous Gelato is redefining business and enriching people’s lives one tiny spoonful at a time.

RG_Logo_Kelp_PRIMARY (1)

Bullfrogpowered B Corps

  • A Lush Affair
  • AET Group Inc.
  • Benevity
  • BluPlanet Recycling Inc.
  • Business Development Bank of Canada
  • Climate Smart
  • Common Good Solutions
  • Diva International Inc.
  • Ecotone Software Consulting Inc.
  • Ecotrend Ecologics
  • Edward James Consulting
  • Encircled
  • Ethical Profit Agency
  • Fair Trade Jewellery Company Ltd.
  • Fairware Promotional Products Ltd.
  • Fill It Foward
  • Flow Alkaline Spring Water
  • Genus Capital Management
  • Green Circle Salons
  • GreenStep Solutions Inc.
  • Grosche International
  • Investeco Capital
  • Lett Architects Inc.
  • Light Trail
  • Muskoka Roastery Coffee Company
  • Myplanet
  • NBTA Credit Union
  • New Market Funds
  • Ocean Brands
  • OMISTA Credit Union
  • Orium
  • PeaceWorks Technology Solutions
  • PenFinancial Credit Union
  • Propeller Coffee Co.
  • Raw Signal Group
  • Renewal Funds
  • Reunion Island Coffee Roaster
  • Righteous Gelato
  • Saul Good Gift Co.
  • SES Consulting
  • Summerhill Group
  • TAS
  • tentree
  • The Delphi Group
  • The Neighbourhood Group of Companies
  • The Raw Office
  • The Vegan Broker
  • theturnlab
  • Truefaux Films
  • Upstreet Craft Brewing
  • Urbanspace Property Group
  • Your Neighbourhood Credit Union

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