How a Banff restaurant was inspired to protect the land

How a Banff restaurant was inspired to protect the land

Friday August 10, 2018

Banff National Park is world-renowned for its lush forests, crystal clear lakes and breathtaking alpine peaks. Park Distillery, a bullfrogpowered restaurant inspired by Banff’s uniquely Canadian landscape, is nestled in the Park Grounds. Here’s how Park Distillery is celebrating Banff’s natural beauty while helping preserve it through efforts such as choosing green energy.


Park Distillery Co-Founder Yannis Karlos explains the reasoning behind the restaurant’s unique decor: “The look and feel of our restaurant was inspired by the Park, which surrounds us. We incorporated as many natural elements as possible and took guidance from warden cabin heritage buildings, Alpine Club of Canada Huts and other cabins in our region.”

The restaurant’s menu is also strongly influenced by its local surroundings. “Campfires were the original restaurant, and our cravings for food cooked over wood runs deep,” Karlos says. The restaurant also sources ingredients locally: We believe Alberta is one of the premiere grain-growing regions on the planet, and we wanted to showcase this story to the world.”

Environmental efforts

Karlos explains that as a restaurant in Banff National Park, it only made sense for Park Distillery to help protect the landscape.

“We divert all distillery organics to compost, and we have a robust recycling program: virtually all paper, cardboard, plastic, and metal waste are diverted from landfill,” he says. On choosing green energy with Bullfrog Power, he adds: “Signing up for Bullfrog Power was an easy decision. The watersheds we draw from are threatened by climate change—and we want to do our part to mitigate the risk. Reducing our impact by choosing green energy is an action that works for us.”

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