Hand sanitizer

In the face of COVID-19, our communities are stronger than ever

The¬†bullfrogpowered¬†community is made up of¬†some¬†pretty¬†amazing¬†businesses and individuals.¬†Their¬†response to the COVID-19¬†pandemic has shown us that collaboration, innovation, and compassion¬†are¬†shining¬†through now more than ever. We‚Äôve¬†seen some¬†incredible¬†stories¬†from our community, from donating¬†personal protective equipment¬†to producing sanitizer and everything in between.¬†We¬†hope they inspire you too.¬†…
Winter wind turbine

What can we do for the climate in 2021?

A green recovery will benefit us all‚ÄĒit will protect and uplift the most vulnerable members of our society, as well as make already successful organizations more resilient and attractive to customers, employees, and investors.
Prospect Human Services rooftop solar

A ray of light for Alberta job seekers

This year, the bullfrogpowered community helped fund rooftop solar panels for Prospect Human Services‚Äô head office in Calgary. Prospect is a nonprofit that provides employment support and services to about 15,000 Albertans annually, and they‚Äôre best known for breaking down…
Earth Tech lake and trees

Earth Tech 2020: An impact-driven cohort of 16 cleantech ventures

Recent bush fires, floods, and heatwaves around the globe have underlined the importance of fighting climate change. The question is not if, but how. And while individual and collective actions will be essential to curbing our carbon emissions, they‚Äôre only…
Marine Mammal Rescue Centre solar

The sun shines on Vancouver’s Marine Mammal Rescue Centre

Where does an injured harbour seal go for a little TLC? To the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre, an Ocean Wise initiative on Vancouver‚Äôs shore. Thanks to your support, Bullfrog Power funded 50% of a 4.8 kW solar project on the Rescue Centre‚Äôs roof. Together, we were also major contributors to the upcoming 53.6 kW rooftop solar installation on the iconic Vancouver Aquarium‚ÄĒanother Ocean Wise initiative. We spoke to Sophie Merritt, the Sustainability Manager at Ocean Wise, about taking care of the ocean and its inhabitants.
Booch Kombucha bottle

All about SCOBY with Booch Organic Kombucha

With so many people trying their hand at home fermentation these days, we asked our bullfrogpowered friends at Booch Organic Kombucha to tell us all about their brewing process. Booch Organic Kombucha answered all our questions about SCOBYs, cleared up…
Dunya team

Dunya Habitats: increasing food security with tiny farms

As we navigate a global pandemic and a just recovery, we want to amplify the stories of those who are working towards a low-carbon future, like Dunya Habitats. To build a vibrant low-carbon economy, we‚Äôll need innovative tech that supports…
15 year banner wind farm

Green for 15‚ÄĒcelebrating 15 years of Bullfrog Power!

In 2005, Bullfrog Power was founded with the goal of transforming the energy landscape in Canada.¬†Before then, Canadians didn‚Äôt have¬†many¬†options when it came to their electricity‚ÄĒwe provided¬†the first¬†renewable, emissions-free energy choice for individuals and businesses.¬†¬† In the 15 years since,…