Feature Energy efficiency Inspection in Plant Workshop

Energy efficiency services – a new way to cut costs and carbon

We are excited to introduce energy efficiency services, a new offering from Bullfrog and Spark Power, our parent company. This service provides customers with a way to improve their operations by reducing their energy use, carbon emissions, and overall costs.   How…

David Betke’s perspective on saving our environment

The bullfrogpowered community is made up of a diverse group of organizations that care about the environment. We’re highlighting one organization that’s making a difference in the events world: Do Better Marketing. A Bullfrog customer since 2008, Do Better Marketing and its founder David Betke have a long…
Amir and Kamyar of Volta

Volta Technique: making grid-scale energy storage from thin air

While navigating a global pandemic and a just recovery, we want to amplify the stories of those who are working towards a low-carbon future, like Volta Technique. To build a vibrant low-carbon economy, we’ll need innovative tech that supports our needs while…
Burdett solar installation

What to know before signing a power purchase agreement

  Power purchase agreements (PPAs) are a bold, business-led strategy for reducing corporate emissions. These deals provide energy cost security, potential cost savings, and a tangible link to a renewable energy project that your business helped bring online. So what should you know before…
Resi customer then and now

Bullfrogpowered: then and now

To celebrate 15 years of giving Canadians a green energy choice, we asked customers from 2005 and 2020 to share why they went renewable—and where else they find hope for the future.