Two Twenty rooftop solar

Two Twenty Building Solar Project

Thanks to a partnership between Bullfrog Power and SES Solar Co-op, the second largest solar project in Saskatoon – a 90-panel array – is now generating clean, pollution-free electricity.
Tsleil solar

Tsleil-Waututh First Nation Community Centre

The Tsleil-Waututh First Nation, located just outside of Vancouver, has taken clean energy production into their own hands. The band’s daycare centre is now 90% solar powered—thanks to a 40-panel solar tracker.
Vulcan solar array

Town of Vulcan Solar Park

The Town of Vulcan is boldly going where no town has gone before: by launching Canada’s first solar park! Vulcan Solar Park is a community green space that also generates renewable energy for its residents.
Old Railroad Stop green switch

The Old Railroad Stop, Hiawatha First Nation

The Hiawatha First Nation launched a 22 kW solar installation on the Old Railroad Stop, the community’s flagship business and gathering place—with support from BASF and Bullfrog Power.
MMRC solar roof

The Marine Mammal Rescue Centre

The Marine Mammal Rescue Centre saves more than 150 mammals and releases them back into the wild every year. Bullfrog Power funded 50% of a 4.8 kW solar project on the Rescue Centre’s roof, allowing the Centre to redirect funds towards its rehabilitation efforts.
Deanery green switch group

The Deanery Solar Project

Previously an abandoned rural summer camp with rotting buildings and overgrown fields, today The Deanery Project is a beautiful, bustling learning centre for students, families and communities alike. With help from Bullfrog, The Deanery Project installed a 6 kW solar system on its Main Hall.
Boundless students with solar panel

The Boundless School

The Boundless School, a not-for-profit school in the Ottawa Valley, completed a 20 kW solar project in partnership with Bullfrog Power, who is the Lead Sponsor for the installation.
Sun co-op group

Sun Co-operative Solar Project

SUN Co-op is a non-profit solar co-operative in Sudbury that has partnered with reThink Green, a network of environmental organizations, to build solar energy projects in the region. The revenue from the Co-op’s projects will go toward reThink Green, as well as a Community Environmental Fund for local environmental efforts. Bullfrog Power is providing funding to support the early development of a potential solar project on an old mining brownfield.
Starland county farm solar

Starland County Farm Solar Projects

Starland County is becoming a solar energy leader in Alberta by installing 45 kW of solar panels on its government buildings. To support the County’s long-term goal of increasing accessibility to solar generation, Bullfrog Power is providing funding for an additional 10 unique 10 kW solar PV installations at a number of Starland County farms and ranches.
Saskatoon wind turbines

Saskatoon Community Wind

Saskatoon Community Wind is a grassroots organization looking to build enough wind capacity to power 16,000 homes in Saskatoon.


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