Sagkeeng Territory sign

Sagkeeng First Nation Administration Office

Located on the banks of Lake Winnipeg and the Winnipeg River, the Sagkeeng First Nation sees renewable energy as an investment in the community’s future.
Queen's solar centre solar roof

Queen’s Solar Education Centre

The Queen’s Solar Education Centre (QSEC) is an ongoing initiative by the Queen’s University Solar Design team to build a home designed to function completely off-grid. Bullfrog Power is the Green Energy Title Sponsor of the project.
Qqs building

Qqs Projects Society

Qqs Projects Society—a nonprofit on the island of Bella Bella—is empowering and educating Heiltsuk Nation youth by reconnecting them with their culture and land.
Pender Island school solar roof

Pender Island Community School Solar Project

Bullfrog Power and Pender Solar Initiative partnered for the launch of a 105-panel, 28.4 kW solar project on British Columbia’s Pender School—the largest solar electricity project on Pender Island!
Ottawa River Runner kayaks

Ottawa River Runners

Water power meets solar power at the clubhouse of the Ottawa River Runners Whitewater Club in Ottawa, Ontario. The clubhouse is home to a 1.04 kW rooftop solar installation funded in part by the bullfrogpowered community.
OREC solar array

Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative Solar Projects

The Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative (OREC) develops community-based green energy projects such as solar panels on schools and housing co-ops—and Bullfrog is helping the co-op build community support.
OrcaLab solar array


OrcaLab, a not-for-profit research station on the coast of British Columbia, made history by becoming the first orca research facility in Canada to run primarily on solar power—thanks to a 3.5 kW solar array.
Ontario street solar array

Ontario Street Solar Project

In November 2012, SolarShare partnered with Bullfrog Power and Moose Power to develop a rooftop project on a thrift shop in St. Catharines, Ontario. The 140 kW system generates about 144,000 kWh per year, enough power to offset about 40 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions!
Old Crow welcome sign

Old Crow Solar Feasibility Project

With a population of less than 300, the Yukon community of Old Crow has lived off the land for generations, relying on the Porcupine Caribou herd for food and resources. Now, the community wants to ensure its energy independence with a new solar project.
Oilfields arena group

Oilfields Regional Arena Solar Project

The town of Black Diamond, named for the coal mine that started it, is leaving behind its fossil fuel legacy with a 10 kW solar installation and other green projects, championed by the town’s Parks & Recreation Manager, Les Quinton.


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